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Civil War Foodways Part 4

Ash Cakes, recipe below  
By the nineteenth century the majority of South majority poor white population enjoyed all parts of the hog, corn bread, greens, sweet potato pie, candied yams, and black eyed peas and rice. This why for instance on the eve of the Civil War poor white and black southerners are eating the same greens, rice or corn based meat scarce diet. Pork and corn bread, sweet potato, and sweetmeats represented the most requested foods among Southern troops. In the Union army, African-American troops requested additional corn bread and pork as rations. When commissary officials complied, southern-born white soldiers celebrated the change, while “their Northern-born comrades, accustomed to beef and wheat bread, complained bitterly.” Moreover Union officers subjected African Americans to corporal punishment reminiscent of their enslaved experience, and assigned them to menial duties like cooking rather than combat. Below is a link to how to make ash cakes, which were common during the civil war.

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