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Christmas Cookie Baking In 1950s Wisconsin Part 3

Baking cookies, Library of Congress Photograph 
Spriz cookies, image from wilton.com
Maria Birch remembers “when us children became old enough to join the crew that turned out hundreds of Christmas cookies,” in her Prussian grandmother’s kitchen in the 1950s. We would pile the cookies on plates wrapped in plastic to later share with family and friends as they left our house after a holiday visit. Grandma would store the baked molasses, gingerbread men, sugar, butter, spritz, sour cream, peanut butter, and decorated cookies in recycled gift boxes in an unheated upstairs bedroom. When it was time to start “making the plates,” which by-the-way were real plates, she would open the boxes, put them on top of the double bed and then begin selecting cookies. She knew who liked which cookies and made sure they got on their plate. Kitchen crew members then wrap and label the plate with the recipients’ names and store them upstairs in an unheated bedroom on top of ironing boards, card tables, and dressers. It was such fun to be sent scurrying up stairs by Grandma, rushing to retrieve the plate of goodies for a soon-to-depart family member or friend.

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