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Feeding the Mexican Revolution

Chicken tortilla soup, recipes below (photo from http://www.lifesambrosia,com/)
Mexico, particularly Mexico City and the border town Ciudad Juarez, has become a much more dangerous place than Colombia in terms of narco-trafficking related violence. As they have historically done in places like Africa, U. S. based news outlets have become fixated on the drug related deaths and the destruction civil society in Mexico to the exclusion of the countries resilient people and rich culture. Many do not know that the Harlem Renaissance literary figure Langston Hughes lived in Mexico and spoke Spanish fluently. Jim Crow laws and customs in the United States influenced his father become an expatriate who lived in Toluca just south of Mexico City. This happened during the time of the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917. Rising Mexican nationalism caused many white American to flee Mexico thus providing job opening for African-American like Hughes. At the age of fourteen Langston lived with his father in Toluca and as a serious foodie, he provides wonderful descriptions of the food there particularly the “pile of steaming-hot tortillas,” that always appeared on a Mexican table. Historically neighborhoods of all class distinctions in Mexico had a tortilla vender that produced piping hot government subsidized tortillas. Mexicans eat them with all kinds of cuts of beef, pork, and fish, they make soup with them, eat soup with them, and filled them with all kinds of ingredients from sautéed mushrooms in gravy, to guacamole, to refried beans, and topped with red or green salsa Here some tortilla recipes below.

Chicken tortilla soup: http://www.lifesambrosia.com/2010/12/chicken-tortilla-soup-recipe.html

Hunting and Preparing Meat

Mole, Three Continents in One Sauce