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My Favorite Food Stories This week

Food Historian Frederick Douglass Opie of Babson College and a Fellow at Harvard's WEB Dubois Institute shares his favorite mp3 downloads this week.

Take a look at my Saturday obituary on Eugene Genovese is contribution to the field of foodways in the academy. Like Eldridge Cleaver, Genovese became a radical turned conservative in later years.  I was writing about him while completing a chapter on foodways in a American Historical Association commissioned anthology on the topic this week when I heard the news that he had passed. The forthcoming anthology includes some top scholars in the field such as Jessica Harris. The University of California Press is publishing the book.  I roll out my Hispanic History Month series this week. Below are my suggested downloads this week. So glad I found Anne Bramley podcast site Eat Feed, she doing some great interviews which I recommend. Hope to see you October 9 at the University Maryland College Park for my upcoming lecture. 

Splendid Table Special on New Orleans: http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/listings/120922/

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