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Making Ice Cream From Scratch Then and Now Part 2

Coal miners' wives making ice cream to sell on Saturday afternoon after payday, Osage, West Virginia, 1938  (photos courtesy of the Library of Congress)
 In the South folks most often made ice cream in late June and the month of July because that was the fruit picking season when the fruit would be sweet—peaches raspberries, cherries (perhaps my favorite summer fruit), strawberries, or whatever local fruit grew in abundance where you lived. The in season fruit would be picked on say a Saturday and the ice cream made for the Sunday the evening dessert following a long hot church service and dinner on the grounds. As the photo above shows entrepreneurs, particularly women, made additional money selling ice cream in urban centers.

Traditional Peach ice cream recipe: http://www.whats4eats.com/desserts/peach-ice-cream-recipe

Vegan strawberry ice cream video recipe: http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=jwWuL1m1T1M&feature=related

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