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An Interview With Food Historian Ken Albala On Trends in Food History Writing

Babson College Professor of History and Foodways Frederick Douglass Opie interviews University of the Pacific Food Historian Ken Albala at the 2012 Boston University Food in the City Conference.

Ken Alabala is the author of many books including Eating Right in the Renaissance, Food in Early Modern EuropeCooking in Europe 1250-1650The BanquetBeans: A HistoryPancake, His cookbook, coauthored with Rosanna Nafziger, is titled, THE LOST ART OF REAL COOKING. Albala is the editor of a number of food history series and journals and he has written a number of texts books: Three World Cuisines: Italian, Mexican and Chinese and the Routledge International Handbook to Food Studies.  

Ken Albala's Food Bloghttp://kenalbala.blogspot.com/

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