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New York City History Through the Lens of Food, Music, and Art

Archibal Motely's "Chicken Shack" Courtesy of the National Archives
Appetite City: Soul Food
Host William Grimes takes a journey back in time to the glory days of Harlem when he explores the origins and evolution of “Soul Food.” At a favorite local restaurant he speaks with soul food expert and author Frederick Douglass Opie and later has our historic gastronomist whip up a soul food favorite.
Then viewers can join award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson at his newest Harlem-based restaurant where he’s putting a whole new spin on this down-home favorite. 

Chicken Shack Stories and Related Recipes: http://www.foodasalens.com/search?q=chicken+shack

Art Historian Talks About Artist Archibald Motely: [Listen Now 17 min 29 sec] http://wunc.org/post/jazz-modernist-documents-chicagos-jazz-renaissance

Appetite City: Soul Food: Watch [26 min 46 sec] http://www.nyc.gov/html/nycmg/nyctvod/html/home/appt101.html

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