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Foods That Cool The Body Part 1

Jambalaya served with corn bread, recipes below
Throughout history people from subtropical regions have cooked with generous amounts of peppers, chilies, and spices which flavor foods cool your body. As colonial societies have developed so did race and class identities rooted in eating and drinking habits. Historically within these societies elites held prejudicial views against traditional spicy hot flavors those poorer and most often darker colonized sectors of societies ate. Jambalaya is a good case in point. It started as a classic spicy hot dish made with rice and vegetables grown in ones garden and seasoned with poor cuts of meat purchased inexpensively or foraged in the waste of elites. 

Vegan Jambalaya Recipe: http://www.veganmeat.com/recipes2/jambalaya.html

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Foods That Cool The Body Part 2

Africa Through the Lens of Food