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Rivers Through the Lens of Food Part 3

Guava Empanadas, recipe below
Before leaving for college, I worked with my father early in the morning assisting him with his side business doing janitorial work. Frank’s Fuel on the riverside and industrial section of Sleepy Hollow was a client. Frank's bordered a neighborhood where immigrants from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic lived and operated small businesses. Half of sleep at 7 am, I would help my father clean Frank's, earn some cash,  and my dad would send me to fetch some breakfast food. One day a came across a bodega up the street from Frank's with delicious looking pastries with pineapple and other fruit filling oozing out of what looked like a Jamaican patty.  I learned they were pineapple and guava empanadas added them to my list of favorite foods thereafter.  Those empanadas are one of my favorite river food memories.

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