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Frederick Douglass Opie Interview with A Chef’s Table Host Jim Coleman

The following is a prerecorded interview I did on Philadelphia National Public Radio’s A Chef’s Table Hosted by Jim Coleman. 
The best time machine is food. On today's show we'll travel in time to the dining hot spot of 1773 - Philadelphia's City Tavern. We'll also discover a unique writing project that looks at regional foods of the 1930's. Later, meet a fictional turn-of-the-century Harvey Girl and an historian looks at the origins of soul food. Also, if you've got a mid-life crisis the answer might be to travel the globe. And, one man finds the answer to his love life in Ramen Noodles. Plus, Bobby Flay's Burgers and Gourmet magazine says go Latin with your summer picnics.

Listen Now [June 13 show 55 mins] : http://www.whyy.org/91FM/chef/200906.html

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