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Everything You Wanted to Know About Cake and More

Cakes at Pasteleria Ideal in Mexico City. Listen to the special edition of A Chief’s Table on cakes below in which I talked about the history of the cake walk.  

The following is a prerecorded interview I did about cake history for a special edition of the Philadelphia National Public Radio’s A Chief’s Table:

Today's show really takes the cake... seriously! We're slicing up some regional specialties... from dried apple stack cake to Tom Douglas' savory crab cakes. We'll also talk to a grandmother and grandaughter about their personal family cookbook and a recipe that led to a marriage proposal. If cake is off your diet because of celiac disease, have heart and a piece of cake with tips for gluten-free baking. Plus, we'll find out about a unique Bastille Day Celebration and talk to Mark Kurlansky about his translation of the French classic, "The Belly of Paris."

Listen now: [click the link then scroll down to the July 11 show] http://www.whyy.org/91FM/chef/200907.html

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