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Easter History and Food Series: Potatoes

Philip Vickers Fithian worked as a tutor on the Virginia plantation of Robert Carter in 1773. Fithian noted that enslaved Africans on the plantation had been harvesting potatoes and other produce in gardens that Carter permitted on “several parts of the plantation.” These subsistence gardens supplemented the “peck of Corn, & a pound of Meat a Head” that Carter distributed as weekly rations to his slaves. I found this eighteenth century story interesting when I compare it with a recent article on the cost of a contemporary Easter meal. The most expensive item in the average Easter budget is food, according to a survey taken by National Retail Federation. The survey also showed that ham represented the most expensive and potatoes the least expensive food item on most folk’s Easter menu. Here is my potato salad recipe which is a must on your Easter menu if you have southern roots or just love good food.

Fred’s Potato Salad Recipe:

4 to 6 large red baked potatoes (red potatoes have more nutritional value than white and baking potatoes makes for a sweeter salad than using boiled ones)

½ to 1 cup each of diced celery, green and red peppers, carrots, and onions.

½ to 1 cup sweet pickle relish.

1 cup mayonnaise (I use a great tasting and healthier vegan mayonnaise available at any Whole Foods Market)

2 diced hard boiled eggs are optional

Add sea salt, paprika, fresh parsley, thyme, and rosemary.

Easter History and Food Series: South Carolina

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