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New Orleans Through The Lens of Food

Key Lime Pie recipes below
Before traveling to New Orleans for the first time last April, I contacted my colleague Lolis Eric Elie, one of the writers for the  HBO series Treme and a fellow food writer, and New Orleans Native. I asked him for his take on the must see restaurants for a foodie like me near my Charles Street hotel. Lois emailed back a list of places including Willie Mae's, Dooky Chase, Loretta's, and Fay's Take-Out and Honey Whip which unlike the others, is across the Mississippi in Gretna, a suburb of New Orleans. Before I made it to any of his recommendations, on my first full day in New Orleans I did what I almost always do when traveling; I go jogging for the dual purpose of staying in shape and doing a culinary reconnaissance of the area where I am staying. Hobnobbers at 139 Carondelet Street was one of the first places I found just around the corner from my Charles Street Hotel. It was a hole in the wall restaurant tucked in an alley and attached to a sport bar. It was also like a lot of places I found in the center of New Orleans' downtown hotel tourist district--white owned and black worked especially the cooks and wait staff. The restaurants bargain prices keeps the place hopping during its hours of operation 7am to 2 pm. The place had particularly good key lime pie which I thoroughly enjoyed.

 Various Key Lime Pie Recipes: 

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