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An Historic View of Candy Part 1

 19th Century Sugar Plantation
Since the release of the movie 12 Years a Slave, I've had slavery on my mind. A study of the institution shows the important role that sugar has played in shaping slave societies in the Americas. Sugar is a topic that Anthropologist Sidney Mintz has studied and written about in his book Sweetness and Power. Sugar sweetened candy is at the center of  Halloween. Golden syrup or treacle was/ is a product that comes from the drippings accumulated from the vats used in sugar refining. Treacle has been used in candy recipes for centuries. 

Interview with Henry Louis Gates on 12 Years a Slave: [Listen Now 37 min 52 sec] http://www.wnyc.org/story/henry-louis-gates-jr/?utm_source=showpage&utm_media=treatment&utm_campaign=featured&utm_content=item3

12 Years a Slave: [Listen Now 4 min 58 sec] 

Sidney Mintz’s Study of Sugar: http://sidneymintz.net/sugar.php

An Historic View of Candy Part 2

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