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Langston Hughes on Food in Lodging in the Jim Crow South

In celebration of black history month, I will be posting stories on food and history. I have a lot of sources that I found in doing research for my black foodways book Hog and Hominy but never used in writing the book. For example, here an interesting story about the noted Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes. Hughes is talking about lodging and food on a 1930s book tour in the south. “White authors and lecturers on a similar tour could always take refuge at a hotel after a program.” But Jim Crow laws barred African Americans authors from segregated hotels. As result black speakers “were at the mercy of private hosts in private homes from whom there was no escape.” He explains, “Southerners are great ones for hospitality. Warm and amiable and friendly as it was, I was nevertheless almost killed by entertainment, drowned by punch, gorged on food, and worn out with handshaking.” He concludes, “I must have eaten at least a thousand chickens that winter.” Sorry Langston, but your story calls for a fried chicken recipe one traditional the other vegan. The photo above contains vegan fried chicken:

Video of Butter milk fried chicken recipe:

Video of vegan fried chicken recipe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te6Cv7RTazU

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