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Syracuse Lacrosse in the 1980s, Tim Nelson

Photo of Tim Nelson, notice the Brine Super Light II, traditional pocket with large holes that kept the ball in very well, and vintage Barach Helmet.

On attack we had Tim Nelson who served as the team’s quarterback and field marshal. Out of all of my Syracuse teammates, I knew Tim’s game best because our high schools played in the same section back in Westchester. He started off at NC State and transferred to Syracuse after the State dropped the lacrosse program. I would argue that with the exception of Tim Goldstein, there has not been a better assist man in the game. Nellie won the Turnbull award as the best attackman in the country every year he played at cuse—1983, 1984, 1985. A big guy for an attackman, perhaps 6’2’’215 pounds, Nellie played the attack position like Magic Johnson. Both Nellie and Magic relished in dishing out a great look away pass and they both could shoot. Nellie could hoop with the best of the student athletes at cuse too. Currently he is ranked fourth in all-time NCAA Division I total points, with 99 goals and 221 assists for 320 combined points in just 57 games. A panel of coaches selected Nellie to the NCAA Lacrosse Committee's 25th Anniversary Lacrosse Team along with Kotzy and the Gait brothers. An injury hampered his senior year and post-collegiate career and as a result many today don’t know about Nellie. But I agree with teammate Chris Burt who recently said to me that someone needs to nominate Nellie for the Hall of Fame. Website that ranks all time great Syracuse Lacrosse players: http://www.rankopedia.com/ZoneID=3/22861/Step1/4558.htm

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