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Hot Wings, Photo Asten Morgan Jr.

The folks in the Central New York are crazy about Buffalo wings! I found that out when I enrolled in Herkimer County Community College (HCCC) in the fall of 1981. In Herk (as we called the town and the college), all the pizza shops that I remember sold mild, hot, or very hot Buffalo wings. They would take un-breaded or battered wings and cook them in the same kind of deep fryer used to make French fries. Some places also broiled them in an oven. When they came out they soaked them briefly a a seasoned hot sauce and served them with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing as a dipping sauce. The competition for buffalo wing customers was fierce among the several pizza shop owners in Herk. And because of that we students could always find coupons for wing deals in the college newspaper. Anybody who went to college or just lived in an urban section of upstate New York knows what I am talking about. It’s an upstate New York eating tradition that is alive and competitive! The origins of the tradition date back to 1960s Buffalo, New York with a heated battle over who really started the food fad. The tradition spread south as Buffalo residents relocated to different regions of the North East including Florida. Hooters became the first restaurant chain to feature Buffalo wings as the center piece of their menu. Domino’s and Pizza Hut followed with their own Buffalo wings marketing campaign. Here’s a recipe: http://elise.com/recipes/archives/001675buffalo_wings.php


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