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Chocolate and Mexican Cuisine

This is a photo I took at a meal served at La Villa Maria, Santa Fe, Mexicio. Chicken covered with Mexican mole Poblano sauce. Mole Poblano, from the Puebla region of Mexico, principally contains chocolate. To the chocolate bar or coco powder one adds various spices such as cloves, cinnamon, parsley, pepper, and onions, garlic, almonds, nuts, raisins, and sesame seeds among other ingredients. Here is one chicken covered mole recipe among many: http://dontsalt.blogspot.com/2009/04/mole-poblano-sauce.html

Iberians in colonial Mexico delighted in American chocolate. Mateo, Mariana’s Iberian born brother in law, drank and ate so much chocolate that her father asked him what doctors in Spain thought about chocolate. Mateo, who argued that Spanish food was better than Mexican, replied, “blessed be the Lord because he put on the earth blessed chocolate, and the doctors say that there is nothing better in the world on which one can get fat, and because fat is pretty, we all eat a lot of chocolate.” (Dario de Mariana: La vida de una joven en la sociedad colonial del siglo xvii, editorial por Carmen Saucedo Zarco (México, D.F.: Editorial Planeta Mexicana, 2000)

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