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This Week's Food History Related Podcast

This Week's Food History Related Podcast

In the past I have used Friday post share this week's food stories. It was my attempt to create my own food talk show in which I would summarize some of the best content I had her from my own listening time. While deciding what I was gonna post today I remember this tradition decided and decided it's time to return to it. So here we go again: Here are links to some food history related podcast that I've enjoyed recently. I hope you enjoy them is much as I did While doing laundry, dishes, cooking, exercising, and commuting. 

Ron Finley: Gangsta gardener

Dario Cecchini: Cecchini Panini

The President's Kitchen Cabinet

Scott Chaskey is America's Favorite Farmer

Jessica Harris' New Memoir

Meeting Hoppin' John

Food Stories from Venezuela Part 2: Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe

Thailand: A Royal Food Legacy

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