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The Sandwich Brigade

The Sandwich Brigade

In his book Southern Food and Civil Rights: Feeding the Revolution, Historian Frederick Douglass Opie show how food has helped activists continue marching for change for generations. “The Sandwich Brigade” is the chapter on the organizing efforts to feed thousands who attended the August 1963 March on Washington. In his book Opie details the ways food nourished the fight for freedom along with cherished recipes associated with the era. Opie is a professor of history and foodways at Babson College and the author of several books including Hog and Hominy: Soul Food from Africa to America; and Zora Neale Hurston on Florida Food: Recipes, Remedies, and Simple Pleasures. Opie is a regular contributor on The Splendid Table and NPR. Follow the Fred Opie show and the content Fred shares on his website, Twitter and Facebook. Take the time to review the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. If you like what you hear and learn, tell others about it and share and post the link to the show.

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