Dr. Fred Opie is an athlete turned author and Babson College Professor of History and Foodways.  He unpacks history to positively impact the future as a author, speaker, teacher (see course list below) blogger, on his Fred Opie Show podcasts, and as a contributor to the work of producers, journalist and film makers. His most recent book is, Southern Food and Civil Rights: Feeding the Revolution.

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  • HSS 2019: A History Of Food And Election Campaigns

  • HSS 2032: African History And Foodways

  • HIS 4640: Food And Civil Rights

  • CVA 2002: African American History And Foodways

  • AHS 1000: AHS Justice And Inequality

  • CVA 2090: Food And The African American Canon

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  • Athletic Department Advisory Board

What Students Are Saying About Professor Opie


Your class made me question previously held beliefs and allowed me to learn new perspectives.

— Hallie Lerner, Former Student
Your Super 7 Principles offered such relevant advice to all of us who understood what it was like to be a student athlete.
— — Tori Penta, Former Student
Professor Opie motivates you to do your best work, guides you out of your comfort zone, and never stops raising the bar so that you grow and improve.
— Adam Kershner, Former Student